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Prejmer Cultural Tour

Prejmer Cultural Tour, a corner of history

Today we would like to introduce you to a special place. We have created the Prejmer Cultural Tour to introduce you to a valuable treasure: the Saxon village of Prejmer. Foreign tourists who come here are amazed to see how well preserved the fortress is. The Unesco monument is one of the few places in Romania rated with three stars in the famous Michelin tourist guide. And the locals are keen to revive Saxon gastronomic traditions.

For a good photo, tourists can take the place of the guardsmen who used to stand up to the enemy from the firing holes. In the courtyard of the fortress is another legacy left by the Saxons: the most imposing fortified church in Eastern Europe.

Prejmer’s fortified church, a fortress of special defences

Prejmer Cultural TourThe way the fortress has been preserved, its size and uniqueness have earned it 3 stars from the renowned Michelin tourist guide. That’s why more and more foreign tourists come to discover this pearl of Transylvania. Last year alone, 75,000 visitors came to visit.

The Prejmer fortress is one of the few that was not demolished by the communists. Nicolae Ceausescu himself gave money for its restoration. The Prejmer Cultural Tour is the right occasion for you to visit the Prejmer Fortress, so famous all over Romania.

What do the houses in Prejmer look like?

In some houses, you’ll find pantries full of jars of jam with tassels and braided hoods. And since Prejmer even has a pancake festival, the famous dessert is not missing from the table.

Here, tourists learn from the hosts how they used to make pancakes at war and witness long-forgotten traditions.

The Prejmer Cultural Tour can take you to the nature reserve nearby. It is located at an altitude of 500 metres and covers an area of 300 ha. The Prejmer oak, hornbeam and ash forest together with the surrounding marshes, rich in springs, constitute an interesting nature reserve with many rare species such as the spotted tulip, black currant, mountain bulb, bluebell and mountain carnation. Among the protected birds are the coot, the kestrel, the raven, the screech-owl and the owl. Fauna includes lizards, vipers and snakes.

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